Society For Innovative Rural Development

A Non-Government Voluntary Social Organization, Register under Society Registration Act 1860 Govt. of Delhi

Aims and Objectives

The Main Objectives of the organization is to assist in building a better quality of life for the people:
The society shall work for comprehensive human development by making people aware, organized and active to make human life more humane just and better.
  1. To promote research, development and adoption to technology for improving the life, working condition opportunities for granting employment of women & youth especially in rural areas, slums.
  2. To propagate scientific literacy to the rural masses, sensitize rural women, youths and scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward communities in the application of Science and Technology in rural development in particular and in everyday life in general.
    • Work for application of Bio-technology in rural areas for the benefit of youths, women, SC/ST population.
    • Work for science & technology communication.
    • Work for entrepreneurship development & training in the field of science & technology application.
  3. To aid and support deserving socially weaker or physically handicapped individual in procuring durable, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured modern standards aid and appliances that promote their physical, social, emotional and psychological rehabilitation and also to provide support to the aged (60 yrs & above) by opening old home, day care center, Mobile Medicare Unites etc.
  4. To undertake and participate in programmes pertaining to health, youth affairs & sports, employment etc. in the field of rural and urban development.
  5. To undertake development & maintenance of national memorials and awareness among youths.
  6. To stimulate peoples involvement and organize community action in the fields of social, economic, cultural and scientific development and to establish, maintain and conduct weaving, knitting embroidery and other art centers for the development or women and to establish khadi and Village industries programmes, agriculture, pisciculture, livestock cum piggery, poultry etc.
          a. To establish Cultural centre, Museum & libraries.
  7. To undertake scientific research and investigations and implement action oriented projects which would bring about direct and positive results in conserving the natural environment, reducing waste and its sale disposal, consuming less energy by using erosion, ensure optimum recycling of all resources, protecting habitats and areas to allow natural regeneration of plants etc.
  8. To combat the menace of consumption of alcohol and drugs by creating awareness and education people about the ill effects of alcohol and drug abuse, and to evolved culture specific modes for prevention of drug abuse and treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts including involvement in the control programmes of STD/HIV/AIDS crisis.
    1. To work for population stabilization & family welfare activities.
    2. To work for Blood donation & Eye care camp.
  9. To work in co-operation with other local, national and international societies, institutions organizations and any other group or individual in the pursuit of the aims and objects of the Society.
  10. To organize camps, public meetings, seminars, conferences and mass programmes.
  11. To undertake and promote in-country and out country adoption of children.
  12. To undertake and promote various formal and non-formal education activities and to run programmes for literacy awareness and cultural development.
  13. To undertake and promote higher education. Colleges. University.
  14. To uptake various local, region, national and international issues related to human life from time to time for study analysis discussion and corresponding action.
  15. To educate, organize and actives people in overcoming the influence of traditional, social, economic, legal, administrative, cultural, psychological and other barriers which adversely affect the development and SIRD of social and economic justice and human development.
  16. To promote women and child development as also the voluntary movement in this area to provide assistance to enable project to overcome these difficulties and to run Hostel, Balwadi Centre, Creche Cente etc. including rehabilitation of rape victims by providing financial help, counseling, vocational training & giving the victim a job or accommodation or short stay during their sub-judice period.
  17. To adopt and promote various social, cultural and welfare activities.
  18. To work for conservation of environment, plants & Animal.
  19. To create awareness regarding environment & environmental education.
  20. To work for integrated & participatory rural development & planning.
  21. To popularized medicinal & aromatic plantation& its processing units.
  22. To work for Horticultural & vegetable plantation.
  23. To work for development of Handicrafts & paintings.
  24. To work for development of Handlooms & Power looms.
  25. Development & extension of sustainable agriculture & introduction of biofertilizer, Bio-manure production & extension programme.
  26. To work for protection of consumer right.
  27. To work for environmental education, awareness and application of Green technology
  28. To work for dissemination, promotion and protection of Art and culture as well cultural heritage.
  29. To promote cottage and small industry thourgh formation and development of SHGs.
  30. To approach DDA, MCD Delhi Administer, West Bengal Govt. or Any other concerned agency for allotment of land to open Dharmshala, Old Age Home and Mandir, Masjid etc
  31. To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain, finance support and/or aid and help in the setting up the different Mandir, Maszid
  32. To arrange and manage the training institution in Typing Short Hand Computer information technology, Fine Arts, Craft, Music Painting Modeling, Cutting & Tailoring, Yoga, Physical Education and other social activities of Awareness Programs, Adult Education. Classes Lectures, Essay Competitions Exhibitions, Symposium, cultural Programs, Press Conference and Seminars.
  33. To establish, run, maintain and grant aid in cash or kinds to Advance Technical education colleges including Engineering & Diploma College, Management Education Institute, Computer Science & Engineering Institutes, Teacher Training & Specialized studies & Research Institutes to provide standard and high class education for B.E./B.Tech./ MBA,B.Ed/M.Ed./N.I.T. Courses & other related courses to the student according to Rules and Regulations of A.I.C.T.E., N.C.T.E. & State Government.
  34. To develop the establish such out of school activity centers for the children on the underprivileged class of society. Where they could have the benefit and joy of participating in sports, games artistic activities like painting, clay and wood work, music, dancing and develop skills in debating, elections, participate in excursions, educational trips and such other activities.
  35. To start various kinds of training courses Iike-Teachers Training, Nurses Training, Technical and Non Technical Course, Laboratory Assistant, Hospital Education Center Cum Clinics, Maternity Homes, Child Care Centers and such other Institutions for the solution of problem of un-employment amongst the young generation use of general public.
  36. To provide food, clothing, medical aid, stationery, transportation.Libraries, laboratories, reading room, hostel play ground swimming pool and other required facilities to the students and also to the members of the society.
  37. To establish and manage various lands of Educational, Vocational,Industrial Agricultural, Research and Training Institutions to introduce and develop the professional courses and also to arrange/provide all kinds of educational facilities to the students, scholars, trainees and to other needy candidates.
  38. To institute scholarships and help to deserving students and to instituteand award prizes in recognition of excellence in academic performanceof students.
  39. To meet traveling, boarding and lodging expenses for the students going aboard for higher education and also help them in all possible ways.
  40. To promote fine art. Crafts among the public including establishment and maintenance of Shilpa-Shikshalayas, Kala-Kendras (relating to music, dance & modeling) etc.
  41. To follow the ideology of great Men and National Leaders who scarified their lives for the causes of depressed. SC & ST backward Classes, Minority Groups and for other needy people.
  42. To promote the adventure among the youth
  43. To arrange and organize "LANGER' on the different occasions as andwhen the Governing Body of the society may decide from time to timein the Governing Body Meeting called for this purpose.
  44. To arrange tours and trips at the historical "and tourist places (time totime) and provide all possible facilities to the member like transportation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, temporary, shelters etc.
  45. To create a forum for Senior Citizens where they can exchange their various views and experiences, which may be, make available to younger generation.
  46. To study the living and customs of the dwellers of rural & J.J. Clusters.
  47. To establish, maintain or grant aid for the establishment or maintenance of wells, tube-wells, tanks, and water reservoirs, trees and also to make the constructions & maintenance of Paths, Roads, Khadanja. Bridges, Parks. Sewerage and other buildings and institution which does the general public use.
  48. To make arrangement for mobile emergency Van/Ambulance for the victims of road accidents, to provide help to pregnant ladies to shift them to nearby hospital also to provide assistance to the old people for the emergency.
  49. To provide nursing aid to the needy people especially Tor the old men and women, orphan, ill etc.
  50. To arrange and organize EYE and BLOOD donation camp all India
  51. To conduct training and research programs for pollution Control in water, air, .soil, earth, atmosphere), polluted diseases and to maintain/ develop and also protect the Herb's Forests, Environments Species of the Animals, Birds, Wild Life and other Natural Gifts helping to so support the preservation of Environment widows, old men and women, poor, beggars, handicapped, blinds, deaf, dumb, mentally retarded and for other needy people.
  52. To approach and to encourage the people to donate Blankets, Rugs, Woolen/Cotton/Silk or other varieties of cloths or other articles of necessary and also provide food, cloths, shelter (temporary/permanent), medicines and other required facilities to the people who have faced the Natural Calamity and/or the disaster.
  53. To make best efforts for protection, promotion, the advancement and start rehabilitation center & school for women, children, old aged, handicapped, orphans, widows, destitute and mentally retarded persons, beggars, blinds and needy people of the society.
  54. To carry on community development programmers/activities and also construction and development the community Hall, Brat Guar. Dharmshalas, Sulbh Sauchalayas Old-aged Home, Mobile Health Van, Health Care Centers, Charitable Dispensaries, Hospital. Libraries, reading room. Play grounds stadium (Both open and Indoor) Yoga Training Centers, Anganwari, Balwari, Studios, Drama Stage and other training and research institute for the attainment of the Aims and projects of the society (after allotment of land from competent authority if required).
  55. Encourage games/ Sports/ Yoga /Gymnastic/ Judo/ Hockey/ football, Cricket and other games for the improvement of health among youth and children on the whole by providing play ground, sports club indoor stadium, training centers and also organize the tournaments, Youth Sports competitions on block, district, stage National & International level.
  56. To prepare the awareness generations kits, poster, banners, audio, video" cassettes, Nukkad Natak, Puppet Shows, Skits documentary etc. regarding various social issues and for the attainment of the aims and objects of the society.
  57. To establish and maintain institutions for the handicapped disabled blind, poor, and child labour SC & ST, BC, OBC classes and other needy persons like vacations training in vocations of house hold industries, semi-skilled jobs for self employment and to provide food, clothing, medical and transpirations, libraries, laboratories, reading rooms, hotels, playgrounds, swimming pool and other required facilities to the boys/girls and also to the members of the society.
  58. To purchase/acquire the land and/or the building in the name of the society for the different establishments and for fulfillment of the aims and objects of the society.
  59. To erect, construct, alter, maintain, sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, improve, manage and/or develop all or a part of the property of the building of the above society necessary or convenient for the purpose the attainment of the aims & objects of the society.
  60. To make survey for collection of dates and consultancy services for the attainment of any object of the society.
  61. The society will invest its money and funds according to the section- II (5) of the income Tax Act 1961.
  62. To Promote the interest of people in Environment, sense of integration, selfemployment and sanitation etc.
  63. To receive loans, financial and non-financial assistance from Govt. Non- Govt. Organization, International Agencies, Banks and any other legal entity or individual.
  64. To engage, employ or hire appropriate staff, workers, legal or other professionals, attorneys, managers and Agents for the work and furtherance of the aims and objects of the society and to pay their wages, salaries, stipends or fees.
  65. To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts and other offerings in the shape of moveable and/or immovable properties for the attainment of the aims and objects of the society.
  66. To promote literacy, cultural and other social activates of Awareness Programs, Adult Education Classes, Lectures, Essay Compactions Exhibitions, Symposium, Cultural Programs, Press Conferences and Seminars.
  67. To borrow or receive money (with interest or without interest) and such terms and condition as are approved by the Government body society.
  68. To establish, run, maintain manage and control the various schools/colleges, Training Institution /courses like, Medical, Dental, Para Medical, Ayurvedic, Homeopatnic Naturopathy, Pharmancy, Nursing. Laboratory, Occupational Therapy Didticjan, Bchfitician, Acupuncture and Acupressure Therapy etc. (after gutting proper permission from the competent authority it is required).
  69. To raise funds and resources for the attainment of any of aim objects of the society by all lawful means including investment of the funds, donation, fundraising campaigns, cultural programs, sale of literature, property development, Rent form the building etc.
  70. To invest the moneys of the society not immediately required, in mutual funds, UTI, Securities or Deposits as are permitted by the law for the time being in force.
  71. To work for popularization of non-conventional Energy system.
          a. Extension program relating smokeless chulas, Bio-gas, Windmill & Sun based energy system.
  72. Without prejudice to the generality of the above aims and objects and for realization of the aims & objects of the society, the society shall have the power to acquire, receive, hold and dispose of property of any kind including cash donations, securities and negotiable instruments, by lease, construct and maintain buildings and to have right to equipment them suitably, to manage, transfer, mortgage pledge, sale and otherwise dispose of or deal with the property of the society in any manner what-so-ever, to enter into contracts for and in connection with any of the propose of the society, to raise loans, money and funds for and on behalf of the society and any other associated societies.

Legal Status

Name of the organization
Society For Innovative Rural Development

Office Address
78B-DDA Flat Mata Sundari Road, New Delhi - 110 002

Chief functionary & Contact Number
Md. Jasimuddin- Secretary
011-23210628, M-9810839895

Date of Registration
11th December 2008

Registration No.

80G No and 12A
DEL-SE23803-18042012/55 and DEL-SR22013-18042012/41