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State Level Seminar Organised By SIRD

State level seminar on “Disaster and Trafficking and its Impact on women” in Town Hall, Old Court, Rajmahal, Sahibganj District, Jharkhand on 3rd November, 2016

TOPIC OF THE SEMINAR:Disaster and Trafficking Impact on Women” In Sahibganj District, Jharkhand.


VENUE: Town Hall, Old Court, Rajmahal, Sahibganj District, Jharkhand, India


Trafficking is a curse and social evil to th e society. The issue of human trafficking impact entirely the victim’s social and individual existence very badly. The soft target of human trafficking would always been the vulnerable group of society, especially the women and children’s are primarily targeted by the traffickers. The issues of Disaster and Trafficking and its impact of Women need to be largely addressed in Sahibganjdistrict in Jharkha nd. So our organization has decided to organize this seminar with assistance from the National Commission for Women.

One day semina r was organized 265 beneficiaries came for the seminar. Resource persons shared their knowledge on various aspects of human trafficking and its impact on women’s at Town Hall, Old Court, Rajmahal, Sahibganj District on , and Jharkhand. Pamphlets and booklets were distributed. Knowledge on Details on statistics and the cases from the crime records of police in Jharkhand, Information on Government efforts regarding reducing of human trafficking and its impact on women thoroughly discussed by the experts. Information on various Legislations against crime against women and trafficking, Information on counseling services available to victims of human trafficking and Information on The Prevention of Human trafficking Act, Were addressed and the participants got benefitted to conceived all the knowledge sharing. Details were also provided on whom they shall approach, for seeking help, in case of being a victim of human trafficking. All information was provided that would make them aware of their legal and constitutional rights as being human and citizen of India. Cultural program (Song Recitation) was also organized.

Seminar organized as per NCW Sanction Letter – F.NO. 16(216)/2015-2016-NCW(R&SC)

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