Society For Innovative Rural Development

A Non-Government Voluntary Social Organization, Register under Society Registration Act 1860 Govt. of Delhi

About Us

Society for Innovative Rural Development is a Voluntary Non-profitable Organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with the Reg. No. S/64079, Income Tax Act 80G & 12A Registration and it has been working on National basis to prevent social evils so as to attain social integration. The Organization is striving to promote the rural development of the society and to promote the social justice as provision and distribution of comprehensive education, community health and development, mother, and child care. The Organization is providing services to all irrespective of caste, color, creed, sex, or any such other narrow sectarian considerations.

Our Efforts - Our Concern
Since inception, the NGO has been working in those areas / bastis where government or other Organizations are not been able to give much attention or to provide basic needs. We concern and want to give strong foundation to the community people of weaker sections of the society: Children, women, SC, ST and Backward classes in the field of Health, Education, Environment, Sustainable Development and Women Empowerment through people participation and collective initiative.

In our target areas, Society for Innovative Development, has tried to provide welfare services e.g. Elementary Education(Special emphasis on Girl Child), Health care, female foeticide awareness and prevention Campaigns, Social & Legal protection and Economic Empowerment for those who are not getting access to it and living in Slum / Unauthorized bastis of Delhi. Keeping these circumstances in view, we have emphasized the community Participation through community organization by involving children, women, and youth and also to make them aware, educate and sensitize at large to small portion of the Target area. At Basti level, the Organization has implemented Committees of Women, Children & Youth.

We believe in supporting children in their own environment and social context, with respect and solidarity, and without any reference to gender, race, caste, or religion. The organization educates and creates awareness among people about the deprivations and sufferings of children. They also raise funds to support action and advocacy on behalf of children who have no means of defending themselves against poverty, oppression, abandonment, or discrimination.

We are also committed to empowering children: ensuring survival, supporting children in times of need, protecting children from exploitation, actively promoting children's agency, and participation.

Vision of the Organization
A world where individuals have dignity and self respect and people respect each other without the barriers of poverty, gender, caste and religion. Beside this, whole development (socio, eco, political & spiritual) should be necessary for better development of whole society. Our main aim has been to convert the individual dreams into a collective consciousness through community convergence and participatory approach with the tools of self as well as social awareness.

Legal Status

Name of the organization
Society For Innovative Rural Development

Office Address
78B-DDA Flat Mata Sundari Road, New Delhi - 110 002

Chief functionary & Contact Number
Md. Jasimuddin- Secretary
011-23210628, M-9810839895

Date of Registration
11th December 2008

Registration No.

80G No and 12A
DEL-SE23803-18042012/55 and DEL-SR22013-18042012/41